Internet and Cloud PBX

Paragon provide internet connectivity and VoIP Christchurch services for our business customers all over New Zealand and Australia too. Our UFB business plans include unlimited data and a free static IP address. Our phone system solutions combine the best VoIP technology and value calling plans to bring you reliable, feature rich telephony solutions at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Christchurch VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP telephone system providers in Christchurch & Canterbury Paragon Computers will save you money on equipment, line rentals & toll calls etc. Talk to one of our trained technicians now on (03) 366 3299 for free professional advice on the best VoIP system for your business.

Save Thousands of Dollars with a VoIP Telephone System

If your traditional telephone systems limited, not up-gradeable to meet the growth of your business,
or costing you too much money with line rentals and call costs?
The answer is VoIP
a ‘Cloud’ telephone system that offers all the features, technology
and reliability your business could want, but without the cost and complexity
of traditional telephone systems.
It’s scalable, feature rich technology that’s saved many of our clients thousands of dollars
every year, with the added advantage of using a single network to carry
all of their voice and data communications.
In other words, by using VoIP systems, our clients can make use of additional telephone lines
for the business, with no additional cost of renting additional physical lines etc.

Why not talk to one of our technicians now to establish the best options for a more flexible, cost-saving alternative tele-communication system for your business.